south france property sales

SOUTH FRANCE Property Sales

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An increasing number of foreign investors are concerned about mortgaging of their property sales in South France. This is why, here in South of France property Sales and real estate transactions are handled by lawyers and notaries (called "Notaires").

They are intended to provide assistance in following matters:

  1. Sophisticated international south property sales;
  2. France South real estate sales and property investments;
  3. French company sales and financial structure;
  4. French southern property conveyancing, tax service and Fiscal.
With regard to buying French property, costs comprises stamp duty payable on various documents required, fees for certified copies, search fees, land registry fees, as well as notary fees.

Please also be advised that:

If you're buying euros to purchase a house in France you can save yourself a small fortune by researching and planning the currency purchase ahead of time.

Whether you buy in France properties for sale directly through a notary or you go to real estate agents, in any case a notary still has to oversee the legal aspects regarding any south France property sales.

Please remember: south France property sales are a complex matter! Many unexpected factors should be carefully analyzed before finalizing the purchase.

south france property sales