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by PRIVATE FRENCH OWNER! A PRETTY VIDEO SHOW to download asap! This French property own an amazing parkland located in southern French and represent a good deal for those enjoying to relocate in this warm country and then buying Property in the South of France.

When you buy or you sell your property in England you use the same lawyer as the vendors. This is common practice.
However, here in south France properties sales and real estate transactions are held differently. Following specialists are often involved:

The common concern regarding any of above mentioned specialists in property sales is the following: if you have a problem with the purchase of a property or with your property sales you will need in any case an independent legal advice!

In south of France property sales do use a quite peculiar technical terminology: you should importantly learn some of these usual french words. These sentences are specialised in case you plan to negotiate in french property sales:

  1. property sales with customs duties paid =>> stand for: "vente à l'acquitté";
  2. property sales on deferred payment =>> stand for: "vente avec paiement différé";
  3. property sales on sample =>> stand for: "vente sur échantillon";
  4. property sales with option of repurchase =>> stand for: "vente à réméré";
  5. property sales on commission =>> stand for: "vente avec commission";
  6. property sales on approval =>> stand for: "vente à condition".
Please contact seller directly if you would like to view quoting the property of your choice or if you plan to come and visit the south of France (provence).

Once you have decided if you want to buy in south of France property sales, please contact the selling agent.

This because realtor can provide additional help in finding also available property sales in Var Provence, or alternatively Property Sales in Dax and the Southern Landes.

Here an additional tip: before you buy property, go the local mayor’s office and ask questions about the property and surrounding area. There will be plans of the house and countryside around which will show if the land is constructible or not and the mayor’s office will also be aware of any major projects in the pipeline.

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south of france property sales