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from OWNER on AMAZING VIDEOS! DISCOVER a PRETTY PROPERTY and how to negotiate a good agreement over the whole purchasing process:

Property transactions in France are handled by "Notaires".  The Notary is unlike most European Solicitors/ Lawyers as he is not appointed to act for either party in the transaction but as a public official whose duty is to the State. The french Notaire (roughly the equivalent of a Solicitor / Lawyer) is under an obligation to notify the opportunity to object the purchase of propert sale in France you are doing. Don't forget: normally all documentation regarding buying contract is in French!

If you seek for buying property in France for sale by OWNER please take into account following tips:

  1. Laws and contracts relevant to the purchase of a property, depend to some extent, on the type of property you buy. For example, a "maison de maitre", or farm or a vineyard will be subject to different costs and procedures!
  2. There are ways of circumnavigating these laws but if you wish to leave this French property to your heirs, then it will be necessary for you to take action before the purchase is completed;
  3. Location is important to the buyer. So how are you going to tempt the buyer to finding out more from your advert. Emphasise the key location factors;
  4. A picture can say a thousand words: if you are using a camera taking many photos, make sure the photos reflect the best aspects of the property for sale France. Make sure the property is well lit by natural light - if you are taking photos of the inside then tidy up first so that the rooms are clear of clutter!
  5. Buyers will lose interest quickly and move onto another property! Some French neighbors are wary of having the key and letting people into the property. For legal information, see the "buying properties in France" article.

Before buying property in France several additional tasks should be accomplished:
Early advice should always be sought in order to understand fully the complexities of French succession law which does not allow you to leave your share of the property to whom you wish - even if you have an existing Will!

Finally, several legal rules should always be respected while entire process of buying property in France! Beware of them!

buying property in france